Sports registration company to develop unique reporting tools for multi-event challenges

SANTA MONICA, Calif., (April 1, 2015) – RaceForce, LLC, an industry-leading endurance and athletic event production company based in Los Angeles, has named imATHLETE as its exclusive registration partner.

Since 2014, imATHLETE and RaceForce have been working together to promote and manage the House of Blues Music Forward Foundation Sunset Strip Half Marathon & 5K, set for April 19th in West Hollywood, California. With the new Agreement, imATHLETE will be the exclusive partner managing all RaceForce events, including the Surf City USA Marathon and Surf City 10 Miler as well as the 2016 Livermore Half Marathon, Golden Gate Half and all other Project Sport events. Driven by the RaceForce relationship, imATHLETE has developed reporting tools unique to the increasing popularity of multi-event challenges, such as RaceForce’s Beach Cities Challenge, which includes the Surf City USA Marathon, Long Beach Marathon and OC Marathon.

“We want to ensure our racers have the best tools, and imATHLETE is the best registration and information platform in the industry,” said Brian Pendleton, CEO of RaceForce.  “The robust technology of imATHLETE elevates our RaceForce platform and expands functionality for our Race Directors.  Now our racers have a centralized, mobile-friendly way to register and access information for all RaceForce events,” Pendleton added.

Added imATHLETE CEO, Jeff Matlow, “RaceForce has quickly built a strong footprint within the running industry. We’re very excited to help facilitate their continued growth and allow participants across the entire RaceForce portfolio to get the most out of their event experience.”

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imATHLETE blends registration, fundraising and e-commerce technology with the social networking and gamefication inherent in running, triathlon, cycling and all participatory sports. Recognized as a leading force in the sporting world with its industry-changing registration technology, imATHLETE is one of the fastest growing companies in the market. With clients and partners that include ASICS Los Angeles Marathon, Austin Marathon, 500 Festival Mini Marathon, Bike New York, GORE-TEX Philadelphia Marathon, Dallas Marathon, Twin Cities in Motion, American Trail Running Association, and thousands of others. imATHLETE technology is transforming the relationship between event organizers and their participants. To learn more about imATHLETE, visit imATHLETE also can be found on Twitter by following@IAmAthlete and by liking the imATHLETE Facebook page.


ABOUT RACEFORCE, LLC: RaceForce, LLC is a subsidiary of OmniForce, LLC, and a leading endurance and athletic event production company based in Los Angeles, CA. By leveraging an extensive worldwide network and a wealth of core competencies including: Strategic Marketing; Sponsorship Acquisition and Production Support, RaceForce can invest in events, create new events and collaborate with event owners to deploy support where needed while maintaining the event’s grassroots identity.   RaceForce events are legendary and cherished by their respective community including the Surf City USA Marathon in Huntington Beach, CA and the Golden Gate Half Marathon in San Francisco, CA and The Sunset Strip Half Marathon & 5K in Hollywood, CA. For more information regarding RaceForce, LLC, visit